Sponsor a Family for the Holidays

Our goal is to support parents and caregivers in creating a positive holiday experience and a nurturing environment for children and youth. We know that this project brings joy to both families and donors during the holiday season and enhances the services that we provide year-round.

You are welcome to sponsor a family on your own, but sponsoring a family is also a wonderful bonding or team-building experience for family members, co-workers, or members of a social club. There are two easy ways to participate:

One option is to provide us with gift cards or public transit passes of any denomination. Gift cards for stores like Target, Wal-Mart or Safeway are especially useful to our families in need of basic amenities. BART or Muni passes are also wonderful ways to help. We will distribute these gift cards to those most in need during the holidays—they are the easiest way for you to have an immediate, direct impact.

The second option is to sponsor one or more families. If you are sponsoring by yourself or with your immediate family, you may wish to sponsor a small or medium-sized (2-4 person) family. If you are considering sponsoring along with a group of family members, friends or co-workers you may be able to sponsor two or more families, or a larger (5-10 person) family. We ask that you give at the level that is most comfortable for you.

We will provide you a wish list completed by a family in need, which will include each family member's first name, age, gender identity, clothing size, shoe size, and wish list items. The last name given will be fictitious in order to protect the family's identity. This is an anonymous giving program so we will never give your contact information to the family, and we retain their identifying information as well.

If you would like to sponsor a family in San Francisco, please contact:
Cornelius Corkery at (415) 861-4060 ext. 3021.
If you would like to sponsor a family in the East Bay, please contact:
Haley Hester at (510) 834-2443 ext. 3002.