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How Can YOU Help Prevent Child Abuse?

April April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a reminder that raising healthy and happy children is one of the most important functions for any community. This month, consider these simple ways that you can be part of making a child's world safer, happier and healthier:

 Be a friendly neighbor: Get to know the families with children on your street. Make an effort to smile and remember their names. A friendly face in the community helps a child feel safe and connected.

Give a friend a break:
Offer to babysit for a friend or relative, just to give them some time off. Every caregiver needs time to recharge and let go of the stress of parenting.

Smile at children while you shop: Sometimes, just standing in line at the grocery store can be a challenge with children in tow. Extending a warm smile to a frazzled parent or caregiver lets them know that you can relate and makes the mood calmer for everyone. 

sample4Become a mentor:
You can be the person who remains constant and stable in the life of a child in the foster care system. Every day activities like baking cookies, helping with homework or tossing a baseball may seem simple to you. For a child in foster care, they may be exactly the kind of “normal” experiences they need. Sign up today! 

Remember to take care of yourself: If you are a parent of caregiver, don’t skimp on your own self-care. When you are stressed, tired, hungry or overextended, your children will sense it. Take time for yourself regularly. Make a plan for asking for support when you need it.

Learn the signs and be aware: Educate yourself on the symptoms of child abuse and neglect, and what resources are available in your community.

Make a Donation: Each year, we provide services to hundreds of Bay Area families that help them to build on their strengths and provide nurturing, healthy homes for their children. Your financial support makes it possible! Donate Today



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