BeFriends-of-FSSBAcome a member of our Friends of FSSBA recurring donor club!
Friends of FSSBA is a group of individuals like you, dedicated to supporting the work of strengthening families with a monthly recurring donation. This giving club makes it easier for you to donate by automatically processing your donation based on your selected payment schedule.

Your pledge to donate provides support that FSSBA can count on.
Your monthly donation helps form a predictable source of income we can count on to, to create a safety net for programs that are most vulnerable to government funding cuts, which are unpredictable and often devastating to the children we support.  It’s the easiest way to give and ensure that FSSBA receives your ongoing support.

To join the Friends of FSSBA recurring donor club, simply click on on the green Donate Now banner above.  You may set your recurring donation at any amount. We are actively seeking members at the Caregiver and Nurturer levels to build sustaining funding for our youth programs in 2015.