The San Francisco Respite Program provides largely emergency respite care, most often outside of the family’s home, at licensed family day care homes (i.e., independent contractors). 

Our providers can provide child care/respite (day or night) in the family’s home, in a licensed family day care home or at community sites. Services are available to relative caregivers and foster parents. Services are also available to CalWORKs parents who are attending work, school or training and who need emergency back-up child care or care for a mildly-ill child.

The SF Respite Program provides respite/child care services to:

  • Foster parents who need a break
  • Welfare-to-work clients whose regular child care is unavailable
  • Welfare-to-work clients whose child is mildly ill and cannot go to regular child care
  • Families referred from the Child Abuse Prevention Center in SF

All SF services are funded by the SF Human Services Agency, with the exception of a small contract with the Child Abuse Prevention Center.

For more information, or to make a referral, please call our Respite Coordinators at (415) 861-4284.