Frequently Asked Questions about Respite: 

If you are the parent or caregiver for a child with developmental disabilities, living in Alameda County, this form of respite care is for you.

What is Respite?
The purpose of respite is to provide occasional child care breaks to families in order to relieve some of the stress and responsibility that full-time care-giving brings. It is up to you to determine how you use your respite time. 

Am I Eligible for this Service?
In order to receive these respite services you must: 

  • Be a resident of Alameda County
  • Have a child with a developmental disability who is eligible to receive respite services through RCEB.

Who are the Respite Providers?
FSSBA's providers are people who have a genuine interest in working with children. Ther are two types of agency respite providers: 

  1. FSSBA recruits, screens, trains and pays a pools of providers from which you may choose. You may choose to use one or more of FSSBA's prescreened providers.
  2. You may identify your own provider and have FSSBA screen, train and pay the provider you have selected.

What Type of Respite is Available?
Respite is provided in your home, while you rest or go out. (A home visit will be conducted before services begin.)

How do I get Started? 
Contact our Respite Care Coordinator Office at (510) 834-4766 for an explanation of how respite works and then call your regional center case manager to discuss hours and to request a purchase of service.