Services are individualized to each family’s needs and are focused on assuring the safety and well-being of the child, so that children can remain with their families and not have to be placed in out-of-home care.

Services Provided:

In consultation with Children and Family Services in both San Francisco and Alameda Counties, we meet with parents in their homes to train and support them to interact with their children in a more safe, effective, and loving manner. We offer evidence-based parent training and intensive case management. Intensive case management means that we develop a plan with the family and the referral sources to address whatever is necessary to stabilize the family and keep the children safe. This may include such activities as assistance with household and financial management, help with basic needs, or linking the family to community services, advocacy, and crisis intervention.

  • FPP is a strengths-based program: Our staff assesses family strengths and needs, and works to build on existing strengths in order to stabilize families and help them to move through obstacles to remaining intact and healthy.
  • The staff spends much of their time in home-visits. We take the services to the families.
  • Our goal is to keep families intact whenever possible, but our staff monitors closely to ensure that children are safe in the home. We do not advocate keeping children in an environment that is not safe.
  • Although some of our referrals do come from Child Protective Services (CPS), we are not part of CPS. Families may also self-refer to our program.
  • In addition to home-based case-management services, we have a program component that provides therapy to children who are receiving other services from our Agency, and also to community referrals.


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