Kinship Summer Youth Program

This summer program was designed to keep youth learning, active and healthy while school is out.

DSCF0771 The youth who participate in this program spend six weeks engaged in learning activities, creative projects, and field trips. Our dedicated staff develop lesson plans designed to further academic skills, so that the summer months are a time of learning and growth.
DSCF0570 Last year’s participants went on field trips to places that many had never before experienced, including museums, planetariums, and sporting events. They designed murals, learned video editing skills, and performed community service projects.
  How do we know this program works?
Our results speak for themselves!
Photo02151658_1 In a third party evaluation of last year’s summer program, we received the highest possible marks in 52 of 58 categories, including:
  • Supporting youth in building new skills and learning to focus.
  • Developing activities that encourage active engagement and skill-building.
  • Creating opportunities for youth to collaborate and work cooperatively with others, and to develop a sense of belonging.
DSCF0080 Additionally, 100% of our youth participants report that the Kinship Summer Youth Program has helped them do better in school, and 96% say that the program has encouraged them to learn about new things.