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Mother’s Day Baskets Made With Love

In 2001, Piedmont Girl Scout Troop 1264, led by Eunice Ashizawa, began a community service project of creating beautiful Mother's Day gift baskets to make some special women feel appreciated. They donated these beautifully arranged and wrapped baskets to the mothers and grandmothers of families at Family Support Services.

Our Agency's staff and families were extremely moved by the gesture of kindness from the seven young Girl Scouts and their committed troop leader. What they didn't realize was that this was only the beginning.

"This group of young women is amazing! The original group of Girl Scouts began assembling these wonderful baskets when they were in middle school," notes Executive Director Lou Fox. "All of them went away to college, but for several years continued to get together annually to make their Mother's Day baskets."

This is the twelfth year that Family Support Services has received gift baskets from the Piedmont Girl Scouts. A new generation of eighth grade girls, Piedmont Girl Scout Troop #32067, led by Fernanda Meagher, has taken on the project, and the tradition is still going strong. 

"We never know how many baskets we will receive. Sometimes there are 40 or 50 baskets, sometime more. This year we were stunned to see that there were 78 baskets waiting for us, and all of them were beautifully put together, with hand-tied bows."

On behalf of the women who have received beautiful gift baskets for the past twelve years, Family Support Services would like to thank the young women of Piedmont Girl Scouts.