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Mentoring: Seven Years Together. Meet Tyrell and Bill.


Bill McNab and his mentee Tyrell have been the glowing faces on our OreMi Mentoring brochure for several years, and we were excited to receive an update on the charming picture that has become a part of the Family Support Services landscape. We caught up with Bill, who has been a mentor for seven years, and asked him a few questions about his experience.

What is your memory of your first meeting with your mentee?
Tyrell was in 2nd grade and he was very shy - not a word that would describe him today.

What is an example of a moment you have spent together that made you see the world differently, or through the eyes of your mentee?
When I realized he had never been on a plane or traveled outside the Bay Area while I have been to so many places.

What does your mentee do that makes you laugh out loud?
His observations about everyday things and comments on youth culture crack me up.

How have you seen your mentee change since you began spending time together?
He has become much more confident and comfortable around my family, and also our neighbors who he has gotten to know well over the past 7 years.

What is an example of a time that it was hard for you to be a mentor? How did you resolve that?
The hardest thing is the hour round trip drive to get him and bring him back to my house. But after I do it, it is always worth it.

Who do you think your mentee will be when they grow up?
He talks about wanting to be a Highway Patrolman. I don't know if that will happen, but I know he will be a productive citizen.

What do your friends and family think about you being a mentor?
They say it is the best thing I have ever done.

What do people need to know about mentoring that they would not learn from a brochure?
When you are thinking about doing it, you have no idea how rewarding it is to be of service and be part of making this world a better place.