Cheryl Smith, MA  
Executive Director 

Ms. Cheryl Smith is the Executive Director of Family Support Services, a non-profit organization that offers programs and services for families, caregivers, and children whose health and welfare are vulnerable as a result of a variety of circumstances.  (Click here to read Cheryl's full bio.)

Aysha Franco, BSW
Family Preservation Program Director (San Francisco)

Aysha began her social work experience in the foster care arena and then moved to providing, supervising, and eventually directing family preservation services. Aysha is responsible for the Family Preservation Program in our San Francisco office, where she implements the nationally-recognized SafeCare® model. Aysha has been with FSSBA since 2000.

Donna Moore, BA
Kinship Program Director

Donna has been the Kinship Program Director since 2001. She has over 29 years working with children and families who have experienced severe trauma, neglect and abuse, as well as families impacted by mental health, violence, domestic violence and substance abuse. At FSSBA, she is responsible for program operations and supervision of the Kinship Programs in Oakland and San Francisco, which includes the Kinship Support Services Program, Kinship Youth Program, Kin-GAP and the Kinship Navigator Program. Donna has been with FSSBA since 1995.

Erica Hilton, LCSW
Family Preservation Program Director (East Bay)

Erica Hilton is a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years of service in the areas of foster care, family preservation and family reunification. Erica is the Program Director for our Family Preservation Programs in theEastBay, which include Another Road to Safety, Family Reclaim and Post-Reunification Services. She came to FSSBA in 2006.

Karen Einbinder, MSW
Director of Program Operations

Karen has over 20 years of experience in nonprofit management in developing, implementing and overseeing programs for youth and families in the San Francisco Bay Area. At FSSBA, she is responsible for overseeing program operations for the East Bay Respite Programs, Kinship Support Services Program and the OreMi Mentoring Program, as well as the San Francisco-based KinGap Program. Karen joined FSSBA in 2011.

  Anne Bolla
Director of Finance and Administration

Anne has 29 years of experience directing finance, accounting, administration and IT for Bay Area nonprofits. At FSSBA Anne leads a team that is responsible for financial management, reporting and analysis; budgeting, contract and grant compliance, accounting, payroll, human resources and information systems. Anne has been with FSSBA since 2014.

N. Bruce Williams
Respite / Child Care Program Director (San Francisco) 

Bruce has more than 30 years of experience managing non-profit programs that provide services to adults, families and children, particularly child care, mental health and homeless services. As Respite Child Care Program Director, Bruce is responsible for the San Francisco respite and child care contracts, including overseeing a network of providers and staff, outreach to clients and community organizations, and all other aspects of program management. Bruce has been with FSSBA since 2005.

Pat Chambers, Ph.D.
Deputy Director

 Pat is a licensed psychologist with more than 30 years experience developing, operating and evaluating social service and mental health programs. As Associate Agency Director, Pat is responsible for program operations, quality control, personnel training/development and inter-agency relations. She is directly responsible for the agency’s Family Preservation Programs, its mental health program and the San Francisco Respite/Child Care Program. Pat has been with FSSBA since 1994.

Shelley Crayton, MBA
Respite / Child Care Program Director (East Bay)

Shelley has been the East Bay Respite / Child Care Program Director since 2005. Shelley brings a strong background in the provision of respite services to multiple populations, including families with children with developmental disabilities and special needs. She is responsible for the Respite Program’s operations, supervision of staff and respite providers, quality control and data management. Shelley has been with FSSBA since 1990.

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