• Since our founding in 1989, Family Support Services has grown from a full-time staff of five and 60 part-time respite providers to 67 full-time staff and more than 100 part-time respite workers.
  • Funding for the Agency comes from an array of county contracts, as well as support from individuals and foundations. Almost without exception, Family Support Services has met or exceeded our contracted goals and outcomes and consistently receives positive evaluations from funders. In several cases, our high quality services and rigorous oversight have led to funders asking our agency to expand services or undertake new programs.
  • The Agency's Respite Program was one of six model programs highlighted in the Office of the Inspector General’s Report on Model Respite Care Services. The program is also regarded as a model by the State of California, which asked Family Support Services to develop several training manuals for respite providers who work with children with special needs for distribution throughout California. And, in a six-year evaluation of the respite program, the Family Welfare Research Group at UC Berkeley concluded that the program greatly reduced family stress, improved family relationships, decreased caregiver burden, and fostered a more positive attitude of caregivers toward their children.
  • In client evaluations and informal feedback, the Agency's services receive outstanding reviews. Almost without exception, program participants describe the positive impacts Family Support Services has had on their lives.